Friday , December 13 2019

Mandy Clarke


Zoos have quantifiable learning benefits

A visit to the zoo in 2019 is not about getting up-close-and-personal with a wild animal, although children will certainly get the chance to engage with beautiful creatures, it is about conserving the future of our planet.

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Children seek changes to school transport

The main concerns raised by students are unreliability, lack of transport in rural areas, overcrowding and lack of cleanliness. They also complain about the cost, but most concerning are reports of “feeling unsafe” and being on the receiving end of negative attitudes from bus drivers.

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Laser tech critical to Brisbane Grammar School

“This shift allows students to ‘think’ in a complex and higher ordered aspect of the creative process. To support such an environment, our facility has been evolving to help support student access for rapid prototyping of design solutions.

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