Saturday , July 20 2019

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How teaching reading and spelling can be simpler, faster and more sustainable

Reading and spelling acquisition is much simpler, faster and more sustainable than conventional ‘phonic’ approaches when a phonetics teaching-tool is used with a phonographic, multisensory focus, says Denyse Ritchie, Principal at The THRASS Institute. Co-developer of the phonetics teaching tool THRASS, Denyse Ritchie is focussed on showing teachers, principals, parents …

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An aerial experience like no other

See the world from new heights with Skypeak Adventures, a world-class aerial facility that soars over 25-metres high and features over 60 challenges. Ideal for school excursions, it fosters leadership, teamwork, self-confidence, proper risk assessment and all-round fun. Whether you’re a novice or thrill seeker at heart, this exhilarating attraction …

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Keeping Schools Safe.

Why your school should consider a digital visitor management system. Schools have a clear responsibility to know who is on their school grounds at all times. The duty of care can go two ways: schools must be able to account for everyone in their school in case of an emergency; …

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