Tuesday , September 24 2019


Queensland senior assessment reforms postponed

year 12 exams

The Palaszczuk Government’s major reforms to senior assessment and tertiary entrance will now begin with year 11 students in 2019. Education Minister Kate Jones made a Wednesday October 19 announcement that current year eight students would be the first to experience the new system.

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AEU ‘gives a Gonski’: the battle continues

Gonski funding science equipment

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has released an intention to continue its campaign for the full six years of Gonski funding, building on the gains made during the Federal Election campaign. Members of the union vow that 'they give a Gonski' and will fight Malcolm Turnbull’s plans to scrap Gonski after 2017.

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Principals’ performance influence test results

University of Melbourne economists have found a direct correlation between the implementation of certain management activities from principals and positive test scores on NAPLAN. Principals who set clear strategic principles for their schools, who encourage open communication, and who encourage staff development have students who do better on standardised tests.

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Teachers up-skill for specialisation and mastery

While the tertiary sector conducts research; develops new techniques to enhance student wellbeing; designs accurate and meaningful assessment tools; and makes breakthroughs in special education programs, teachers are on the frontline and further study allows educators to engage with the new approaches and techniques.

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New scholarships for refugees 


Allianz and Settlement Services International will offer forty-six scholarships, ranging from $500 to $5,000, in five categories, including primary and secondary school, vocational training, tertiary qualification and skills recognition.

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