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Proven steps to successful healthy fundraising

Unfortunately, school fundraising seems to be a necessity and some of the old ways of achieving it are not always considered acceptable these days.  With far more emphasis on obesity and associated health issues, the old fundraising stand-bys like fatty sausage sizzles and sugary jams, cakes stalls and fizzy drinks, are more likely to be avoided by parents, for the sake of their own health and their children’s.

Learning about good nutrition through fundraising
Learning about good nutrition through fundraising Photo: Leanne Collett

Combine those health concerns with the risks of bad dental health, followed by steep dental bills, and old fundraising favourites are difficult for schools to engage in with a clear conscience. Modern-day fundraisers are required to put on their thinking caps, and cast their ideas nets a little wider.

Even with health awareness deterring schools from unhealthy options of old, food and beverage fundraisers can still be a great solution. Healthy food fundraisers options include trail mix, fruit, nuts, popcorn, customizing bottled water with school branding, healthy granola bars, and an endless list of health conscious alternatives.  Schools are beginning to embrace cooking courses, allowing students to create their own delicious fundraising treats, based on principals of good nutrition. Parents can be invited to help, but nutritional and health requirements must be specified so food items fit within a framework of optimum nutrition. With healthy eating at the forefront of children’s wellbeing discussions, the healthy profile of the food items can actually prove a selling point.

Not all fundraising is about food, and the list of novelties and useful items that can be sold is curbed only by your imagination, motivation and resources. Items used for fundraising include clothing purchased cheaply from manufacturers, glow sticks, lamp shades, art, first aid kits, calendars, trendy wrist bands, musical instruments or sports equipment that is no longer needed.

Whichever form school fundraising takes; certain protocol should be followed. Initially, the team should consult with the principal, and the school board or council as a courtesy, but also due to the board’s responsibility for the state of the buildings and grounds.

Taking accurate minutes of plans, costs and personnel assigned to tasks is vital for accountability purposes, leaving all the treasurer and all others involved covered in the event of any query into operations. These requirements apply to all organisations, including parent associations, friends of the school, a gala committee, or even a sub-committee of the board. Setting a time-frame and assigning roles, and determining project deadlines also contributes to the smooth running of a fundraising project.

And then, the curly question: how do you actually raise some money? Consider selecting activities that spread their influence beyond the school, so contributions can be collected from people other than just parents.

Social media can be of enormous value here, and a Facebook page can be an excellent platform for promoting school fundraisers to a wider audience, reaching friends and family, and can even result in donations from overseas relatives.

Fundraising is most successful with clear, well-communicated objectives. At the conclusion of the fundraisers, the total achievements should be clearly communicated to parents. Finally, be sure to communicate the benefits of your fundraising aims and achievements, as people need to know where their money and effort is going, or support may wear thin.  Don’t forget to have fun! Enjoyable and collaborative fundraising is an excellent way to maintain community focus and energy, and keep everybody working towards common goals.

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws
Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws

Healthy fundraising options for schools

Sipahh Fundraising Ventures is a new fundraising program designed to help kids, clubs and schools raise money for their causes through the sale of Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws. With a 4.5 healthy star rating, less than half a teaspoon of sugar per straw, and nomination for ‘best new fundraising company’ in 2016, it’s a more wholesome, healthy and unique way of fundraising.

 Sipahh provides two fundraising options; first, the Sipahh Fundraising Crates. These cute fundraising crates enable everyone in the school or group to participate by selling little packs of Sipahh straws. Each crate contains 24 four-packs with a profit of $22 per crate sold, a margin of 46 percent.

The second option is to hold a Sipahh fundraising event at your school fete, carnival, market or special event. It involves raising money by selling glasses of milk with Sipahh straws. The vintage, pop-up Sipahh Milk Bar is available to order online, and combined with a wider selection of Sipahh flavours, it makes for an exciting and unique way of fundraising.

 Kids love Sipahh straws as they’re so unique and parents love them because they’re lower in sugar and more profitable than many fundraising options. Sipahh helps people drink more milk with less sugar every day. For a limited time, Sipahh is offering eight free crates for every 40 ordered. That’s $380 additional profit for your fundraiser.

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