Wednesday , April 1 2020

Food & Beverage

Ethical veganism big concern for kids

It’s hard to be a healthy vegan! Yet Australia now has the third-fastest-growing vegan market in the world as climate change anxiety has more young people interested in the lifestyle. Should we tackle plant-based diets in schools?

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Class party palooza: Dos, don’ts and lazy last-min recipes

Whether you’ve been saddled with bringing a plate to the staff send-off or you want to celebrate the end-of-year with your students, coming up with allergy-friendly, exciting party food to bring along can be shockingly stress-induced! We compiled a few simple recipe ideas to help you brainstorm. But first, here’s some great advice for organising class parties we heard from teachers this year:

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School leaders influence canteen culture

The discussion around school lunches has not abated. Parents, health advocates, teachers and principals continue to puzzle over the necessary, but occasionally painful transformation of that iconic food outlet.

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