Saturday , July 20 2019

Food & Beverage

School leaders influence canteen culture

The discussion around school lunches has not abated. Parents, health advocates, teachers and principals continue to puzzle over the necessary, but occasionally painful transformation of that iconic food outlet.

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Childhood nutrition is everyone’s business

Children having healthy lunch during break time in school

Concerned parents scour supermarkets for healthier ways to pack lunches, governments move towards healthier canteens, and teachers are calling for proper nutrition on school mornings. There is consensus on one thing: food matters.

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A new wave of drinking water options in schools

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue and poor mental function.

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue and poor mental function, and the impact of dehydration on cognition and mood is particularly relevant for children, who have poor fluid regulation. Drinking water options will help support hydration for students at school.

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Optimum nutrition for the school day

Kids going bananas! Photo courtesy of Cancer Council Queensland

Wriggling kids with poor concentration are a common feature of a contemporary classroom. Community awareness is on the up, and schools, parents, and society at large, are all ready for a solution. Opinion is split on the causes; some say too much screen time, some say diet, while some point …

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