The SchoolTech Phone Locker by TechXpress: Your Go-To Solution for the Classroom Phone Ban

Is your school looking for a cost-effective solution for the classroom phone ban?

Look no further than the SchoolTech Phone Locker by TechXpress, your ultimate tool for ensuring compliance while optimising classroom focus and minimising administrative hassles.

Whether our phone lockers are situated in classrooms, tutorial rooms, or used as confiscation lock boxes in a school administration office, our mobile phone storage solutions are versatile and easy to organise.

Key Features:

  • 40-Numbered Slots: Each SchoolTech Phone Locker comes with 40 individually numbered slots, enabling schools to assign each student a designated spot for their device—either for the term or daily, as needed. This feature streamlines classroom management and eases the administrative burden on teachers.
  • No Ongoing Fees: This is a one-time investment that will pay dividends in enhanced student focus and academic performance.
  • Versatile & Scalable: Ideal for classrooms, tutorial rooms, and even administrative spaces, these lockers can be used individually or combined to meet the specific needs of each school.
  • Ready for Deployment: Our stock is primed for fast delivery, ensuring that your SchoolTech Phone Locker will be on-site before the start of Term 4 or Term 1 2024.
  • Universal Compatibility: The locker can hold a variety of phone models, from small to the latest large-screen smartphones (including cases).
  • Liability-Free: Eliminate the stress and responsibility of handling students’ devices. The lockers securely store phones, reducing the school’s liability.
  • Reliable & Durable: Backed by TechXpress’s reputation for quality, each locker comes with a 2-year warranty and nationwide delivery at no extra cost.
  • Cost: $850 Ex GST (Bulk discounts available for more than 10 lockers).

For more insights into how the SchoolTech Phone Locker will assist your upcoming school phone ban, explore our comprehensive Phone Locker page.

Why Choose TechXpress?

As a leading technology supplier for educational institutions and governmental bodies, TechXpress combines quality with affordability. We adapt our products to meet the unique challenges of the educational sector, serving thousands of schools across Australia.

For personalised guidance on how the SchoolTech Phone Locker can facilitate your school’s transition to phone-free classrooms, reach out to us via email at [email protected] or dial 1800 595 153 to speak to our expert team.

Government School Vendor Numbers :

  • NSW Government Schools Vendor No: 100491114
  • QLD OneSchool System Supplier No: S20096036

Additional info for NSW Schools

Approved panel supplier for the NSW Government Schools phone ban (DOE04654-23—Mobile Phone Management Solutions). Purchasing your SchoolTech Phone Locker is as simple as placing an order on EdBuy.

Prepare your school for a phone free environment —invest in the SchoolTech Phone Locker by TechXpress today.

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