Saturday , March 23 2019


Do children learn better in the woods?

Marist College Bendigo Montagne Centre, Victoria

Over recent years, the benefits that humans gain from contact with trees and nature have gained recognition. They call it biophilia, which seems a curious overstatement to me, with connotations of excess, but then everyone loves a new science word...

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Special school achieves solar first for NSW

St Lucy's solar pool

Swimming lessons are about to get a whole lot better for the children of St Lucy’s Primary School in Wahroonga. After the installation of a brand new solar and lithium-ion battery system during the holidays, the students will now enjoy their lessons in warm water all year round.

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Why acoustics matter for teaching and learning spaces

Innovative Learning Spaces at Ellerslie School

Children are inefficient listeners who require optimal acoustic conditions in order to hear and understand (Valentine, Halstead, McGunnigle, Dodd, Hellier, Wood & Simpson, 2002). They are neurologically undeveloped and lack experience to predict from context - especially younger students who are only starting to grasp the basics of comprehension.

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Designing a playground that captures the imagination

Photo: Miracle Recreation Equipment

‘Playground artist’ Günter Beltzig is 75 years old and probably still swinging from the monkey bars he designs. He has written books on playground design, and created play spaces all around Europe, working with Richter Spielgeräte GmbH, who designed play areas at Sydney’s Darling Harbour and Royal Park in Melbourne.

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