WA Government to Support Science Program in State Primary Schools

More than 400 public schools in Western Australia will benefit from the new AU$18.2 million primary school science program, which is aimed at preparing students for future jobs.

The program announced by Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery late in August will upgrade 130 classrooms to science laboratories to help deliver quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in all public schools.

Upon completion of the classroom upgrade, these schools will receive an AU$25,000 resource grant.

Minister Ellery said she was pleased to turn primary school classrooms into science labs.

“We’ve already transformed 200 classrooms at schools across the State and this further investment in the program will enhance education in science in more than 400 classrooms,” she said.

In addition to the above 130 schools, 280 more schools will have AU$10.3 million worth of grants which will allow them to install equipment and technology to boost science.

The grants can be used to purchase 3D models, 3D printers, robotics kids, virtual reality headsets and renewable energy kits.

Science Minister Roger Cook said the upgrade was necessary.

“Students must be provided with the highest quality facilities and resources in science, technology, engineering and maths, so they are prepared for the jobs they need in the future.

“Equipping our kids with STEM skills will drive the State’s technological future and help achieve amazing things like preventing diseases and protecting our environment.”

The program follows the McGowan Governments 2021 election commitment to boost science in schools.

“I’m pleased we can deliver a key election commitment of this Government to turn primary school classrooms into science labs,” Minister Ellery said.

Sheetal Singh

Sheetal is a freelance journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Read more of her terrific work in School News magazine.

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