Friday , February 21 2020

$10,000 professional development scholarship up for grabs

First State Super has announced its support teachers in public schools through its annual professional development scholarship offered through the Public Education Foundation.

The $10,000 scholarship provides educators teaching kindergarten, Years 1 and 2 with the chance to invest in their own professional development to improve learning outcomes for their students and share gained knowledge with their peers. 

First State Super Chief Executive Officer, Deanne Stewart said: “This scholarship recognises the important role Stage 1 teachers play in the lives of young students, helping them to establish a strong foundation in their formative years for future learning. 

We believe education change lives and transforms communities and we are proud to partner with the Public Education Foundation to support better outcomes for teachers and students.”

The world is your oyster

Canberra based teacher Sascha Colley from Ainslie School was the inaugural recipient of the First State Super Teachers Scholarship in 2018. She undertook a three-week study tour to Finland.

Reflecting on her experience, Sascha said: “Winning the 2018 First State Super Teacher’s Scholarship provided me with the opportunity to study the Finnish Early Childhood Education system in great depth. I was able to confirm the importance of and the educational respect for the Pedagogy of Play within all Early Childhood Education settings in Finland, including the first year of compulsory schooling”.

She intends to share her learnings and insights to continue to positively influence the future directions of early childhood education in the ACT public education system.

Eligibility: get creative

To be eligible, scholarship applicants need to clearly detail the nature of the professional development they wish to undertake; and how the acquired knowledge will be implemented in the classroom and shared with colleagues. They must also be committed to continue as a teacher in the government school system for at least five years following the award.

Applications close on Tuesday 26 February and full details of the scholarship, including eligibility, selection criteria and application form are available on the Public Education Foundation website.

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