Inspire and motivate with digital signage across your school

Change the way you communicate with your school community by implementing digital signage across your campus.

CommBox Digital Signage is revolutionising communication within educational environments, providing a dynamic and engaging way to share information, spark creativity, and motivate students.

By integrating technologies like interactive and commercial displays with digital signage applications such as CommBox Signage, schools are empowered to create a connected and vibrant educational atmosphere. Here’s why digital signage is a critical asset schools and how it can enhance students’ school experiences.

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Digital signage offers a highly effective and efficient method for communicating with students, staff, and visitors. Unlike static bulletin boards or paper notices, digital screens can be updated instantly, ensuring that everyone in the school has access to timely and accurate information. This capability is crucial in a busy school environment where events, schedules, and announcements are constantly changing.

The Intelligent Display and the CommBox Classic Interactive touchscreens by CommBox allows schools to showcase a variety of content, from daily announcements and lunch menus to emergency alerts and event schedules. These devices support multimedia content, including videos and animations, making communications more appealing and digestible for students who are native digital users.

Digital signage’s versatility supports a broad spectrum of creative expressions. Schools can use digital screens to display student artwork, digital projects, and school productions, giving students a platform to showcase their creativity. This exposure boosts students’ confidence and encourages them to engage in creative activities.

Additionally, the ease of updating digital displays means schools can regularly feature new student works, keeping the content fresh and relevant. This constant renewal of displayed content keeps the school environment lively and inspiring.

Digital signage plays a pivotal role in motivating students by recognising achievements and celebrating success. Whether it’s highlighting academic achievements, sports victories, or extracurricular accomplishments, seeing their efforts publicly acknowledged boosts students’ morale and motivates them to continue striving.

Moreover, motivational quotes, success stories, and alumni achievements displayed on digital signage can serve as daily inspiration for students. CommBox’s digital solutions provide an excellent platform for such motivational content, with clear displays and easy content management system that allow schools to regularly update their motivational messages.

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Using digital signage is a marker of a modern and forward-thinking educational facility. It aligns well with the digital skills crucial for the future workplace, thus preparing students for the technological landscape of the modern world. Schools equipped with state-of-the-art CommBox Displays not only stand out but also attract prospective parents and students, as well as staff looking for innovative learning and teaching environments.

CommBox Digital Signage is a cost-effective alternative to traditional printed materials. By reducing the need for printed flyers, posters, and newsletters, schools can cut costs and minimize their environmental impact. Digital signs require an initial investment and minimal maintenance, but over time, they prove to be economical by cutting recurring costs associated with printing and paper use.

CommBox Digital Signage is straightforward and easy to use. It takes only 3 minutes to get started and comes with a host of built-in templates that make content publishing simple. User-friendly and feature-packed, you can use CommBox Signage on any existing screens across the school. To get started you don’t have to buy new screen hardware.

Are you already a CommBox school? Did you know that CommBox Manage, our remote device management software, includes simple signage solutions? You can start communicating today, for more information reach out to the Customer Success Team.

Incorporating digital signage in schools by CommBox offers numerous benefits. It enhances communication, boosts student engagement, inspires creativity, motivates students, and supports a modern learning environment. By adopting this technology, schools can not only improve the educational experience but also prepare students for a future where digital literacy is essential. In today’s digital age, digital signage is not just a tool; it’s an essential component of a progressive educational strategy that inspires and educates the leaders of tomorrow.

Sarah Drysdale has over 25 years of experience as a teacher and tech innovator. She holds an MComm, EMBA, and Grad Dip Edu. As the Head of Product at CommBox, Sarah partners with teachers, IT managers, and school principals to create the best interactive screen for Australian schools. Because she understands the needs of schools and she’s passionate about making technology that changes the classroom for the better.

Integrate AV is a Commbox Platinum Partner and has a dedicated education team who can assist you with an interactive flat panel solution for your school. Integrate AV is a supplier on contract with the NSW Department of Education Multimedia Solutions 278 State Contract, QLD Department of Education Standing Offer QEDSOA-71789 and the Tasmanian Information and Communication Hardware C150 contract.

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