Wednesday , October 17 2018

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Using your extra skills in the classroom: why not?

It’s seems as though no-one is interested in other skills you may be able to pass along to your students, unless they were part of your teaching degree. There are rarely opportunities to show off these skills, and you never get asked, so senior leadership teams just don’t know they exist.

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The leadership tip from Australia’s female science explorer: NO TRIANGLES

Adam Voigt writes: Rachael Robertson is a quite remarkable Australian. Inspired by little more than an ad in the local paper, this totally unqualified woman applied for a role on a 12-month Australian scientific expedition to Antarctica. She was not only accepted, she was made the mission leader – for reasons that even Rachel finds it difficult to explain.

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Why I got rejected from Cambridge as an OP1 student

Once upon a time (in Queensland)... As an eager grade 12 student and zealous literary nerd I challenged Cambridge to hold me in its prestigious, academic bosom and carry me through hallowed halls to greatness, like a knight in shiny collegiate armour. Cambridge said: “Nah.”

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That weird end-of-term feeling

Relief and worry. I can honestly say that without these breaks throughout the year, I personally wouldn’t be able to sustain the mental and emotional tax that this job takes on me

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