The Bodyfurn® movement

It all started with a simple question. Could a well-designed ergonomic chair enhance concentration and learning in the classroom?

We visited classrooms throughout New Zealand, measured 20,000 students and studied their behaviours in classrooms. By the end of that extensive research, we found that most school chairs inhibited movement and restricted blood flow, resulting in unproductive fidgeting and off-task time.

If students are not comfortable, they struggle to concentrate, fidget, and lose focus. We believed the right chair can make a world of difference!

It was time to design a school chair that offered students the best chance to concentrate, with maximum ergonomic comfort. Through years of research, development and design, the revolutionary Bodyfurn® system was born. The world’s first dynamic seating solution that offered right support without restricting circulation, keeping students comfortable.

“If you gave the students a choice between Bodyfurn® and a traditional chair, there’s just no competition.” – Neil O’Reilly – Former Principal at Kowloon Junior School, Hong Kong.

The health benefits of Bodyfurn® extend beyond ergonomic comfort for its user. Today, over a million Bodyfurn® Sled Chairs are in schools around the globe making a world of difference to students. We asked principals, teachers and business managers why they’ve made such a difference in their schools.

“From our research, between 75-80% of off-task time was actually reduced as a result of the furniture.” – John Chalvatzis | Dean of Students, Ipswich Grammar School, Queensland

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