Friday , January 24 2020

Victoria clears up school zoning fears

The State Government has created a simple and clear website so, for the first time, Victorians will be able to enter their home address online and see their local school zone.

A number of anomalies in school zoning have also been addressed. Previously, some homes were excluded from a school zone, and in some cases, school boundaries overlapped.

The Find My School website also includes zones for the new schools opening in 2020.

The website allows parents to search for their closest school as well as find other nearby government schools.

Schools can be found by typing in a residential address or suburb or searching by school name or categories such as primary, secondary, or specialist school.

The new website will provide parents with clarity and consistency on what their government school options are.

Every child has the right to enrol at their closest government school. School choice is also very important. Schools have always had the choice to accommodate children living outside a school’s zone if there is enough space – this will not change.

No student currently enrolled in a school will be required to change schools.

As part of the Labor Government’s school building boom, 100 new schools will open over the next eight years to ensure all children have a great local education and a great start to life.

The Labor Government has already invested more than $3.8 billion to deliver new schools and more than 1,300 school upgrades, supporting more than 5,000 construction jobs for Victorians.

Parents can look up school zones online at:

 Minister for Education, James Merlino said: “For the first time, parents will be able to look up the enrolment zone of local schools online and find out quickly and easily what school zone they live within.”

“For decades parents haven’t had easy access to enrolment zones, causing unnecessary stress for thousands of families. Since the start of last year alone, we’ve received nearly 6,000 calls, letters and emails from families wanting to know their local school zones.”

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