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Planning external learning curriculum

Dancing is for everybody

External learning used to mean things like swimming lessons at the local pool. Every week, we walked two abreast (holding hands with a partner) to the local oval for sport with Mr Fuller. He was always forthcoming with training tips and schedules for his favourite sports of touch football and cricket. We didn’t mind; we got ice blocks full of preservatives and colours on Wednesday afternoons in terms one and four, and we got to wear our coloured T-shirts with only bloomers. Those were the days.

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Body image: taming the beast with media literacy

Positive body image friendship

In 2008, a Victorian government document titled Because Mental Health Matters Consultation Paper argued for ‘further development of positive body image programs, in conjunction with healthy eating programs’ as a priority activity within the ‘early childhood and school’ setting.

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Schools, sign up for eSafety Challenge program

cyber bullying

The Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner, has released ClassAct 50 Challenge, designed to help children take control of their online safety, prompt thinking around respectful relationships and to know where to go to find support if things go wrong.

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A new wave of drinking water options in schools

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue and poor mental function.

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue and poor mental function, and the impact of dehydration on cognition and mood is particularly relevant for children, who have poor fluid regulation. Drinking water options will help support hydration for students at school.

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Bundaberg Christian College goes solar

BCC students Jacob McKim and Erin McCracken

With 700 students, more than 30 classrooms, multipurpose hall, several computer labs, woodwork and metalwork equipment, an early learning centre and a commercial kitchen, Bundaberg Christian College (BCC) can chew through some power.

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