Sunday , February 25 2018

Supplier News

Travel solutions to go global for schools and teachers

Educational World travel (EWT) is an ATAS accredited group educational travel company that has been operating for 30 years next year- starting operations back in 1988! EWT organises and delivers safe, fun educational tours and programs to overseas destinations such as North America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific and is …

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Great leaders support teacher wellbeing

Teaching is a rewarding and positive career choice; it can be one of the most rewarding professions in the community. The influence a teacher has on helping to shape the future of so many young people is often profound. But at times, teaching can also be extremely challenging, More than …

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Cardiac care for Australian schools

Red Cross recommends all schools consider purchasing a defibrillator as part of their first aid equipment. We might not want to talk about it, but we should. A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen anywhere and occur at any time without warning and does not discriminate. It can and does …

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Choosing your first musical instrument can be a confusing business

The Australian market has, in recent times, been flooded with cheap, unplayable instruments being sold through online mass merchants, ebay stores and even grocery stores!  Many of these instruments are made as cheaply as possibly in factories in Indonesia and India and imported by companies that know nothing about music and what …

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Learn a whole new school of thought, then teach it.

Offered by the University of Melbourne’s leading Graduate School of Education, the online Master of Clinical Teaching is the only course of its kind in Australia. This cutting-edge course is a progressive way of thinking about education and learning that aims to develop a new class of teacher. “Over the …

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