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Hugo. Image courtesy of Trotec.

Laser tech critical to Brisbane Grammar School

Trodat Trotec Group is a world leader in the field of laser technology; and, as part of the group, Trotec develops, manufactures and markets laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving materials.

Image: Trotec

Trotec managing director, Reece Moore told us they recently supplied laser machines to Brisbane Grammar School.

Intrigued, School News asked BGS head of design and technology, Jamie Foulger a few questions about the process.

How did Trotec work with you and what products/services did they provide?

“Trotec have installed three laser machines into the school. These also have their own designated external extraction fan systems. Trotec also provide servicing on all the machines and equipment.”

Why did you want this technology and what are you using it for?

“Design education has changed over the past 10-15 years to include a strong emphasis on the ‘design thinking’ characteristics of the pedagogy.

“This shift allows students to ‘think’ in a complex and higher ordered aspect of the creative process. To support such an environment, our facility has been evolving to help support student access for rapid prototyping of design solutions.

“Students require a quick turnaround of ideas so that the creative process can be maintained in this higher aspect of ‘thinking’ engagement. Laser technology has become a large player in this creative process.

“Design solutions can be turned around very quickly in a single classroom session and provide the young designer with an ability to test, assemble and redesign in a very prompt and immediate time period. Laser solutions lend themselves to modelling in card, paper, thin plywood or plastics.”

What are the benefits of this technology so far?

“Other than its expediency, design solutions can be very sophisticated. Students can model mechanical parts, buildings, product designs or packaging designs – the choices are endless.”

What has been the reaction of other teachers, parents and students?

“Without this type of technology, I don’t know how you could run a contemporary design curriculum.

“We are so used to this technology being part of our pedagogy that we would see more reaction if they disappeared. This type of technology is not the add-on to a manufacturing classroom, it forms the starting point of a design facility.”

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