Tuesday , September 24 2019
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We asked primary school students to review new book releases for Term 3

Here’s the verdict, just in time for Australian Reading Hour… 

Jack and the Jungle

For age  5+

By  Malachy Doyle and Paddy Donnelly, Bloomsbury

“Jack was scared but he was really brave. I liked the story a lot.”

– Elouise, age 6

Themes and genre: young readers, facing fears, friendship, imagination.  

The Funny Life of Teachers

For age  7+

By  James Campbell & Rob jones, Bloomsbury

“It is like reading a maze because of all the signposts. The jokes are funny. I showed my best friend on the bus and he laughed at Mrs Fridgewater’s jar of bottom burps. My favourite part was the time travelling teachers.”

– Grayson, age 8

Themes and genre: humour, ‘choose your own adventure’, comic strip, short story collection.

Pages & Co.: Tilly and the Bookwanderers

For age 9+

By  Anna James, HarperCollins Children’s Books

“I liked how the letters change when magic happens. Now I’m reading some of the books they wander into – it’s fun imagining Tilly and Oskar inside them.”

– Olivia, age 9

Themes and genre: fantasy adventure, magic, secrets and lies, family loss and grief, friendship, inclusiveness, book positivity.  

Nice Girls Don’t play Footy

For age 9+

By  Kathy Helidoniotis, Scholastic

“The AFL games and the big tryout at the end were really exciting. Josie and Princess were my favourite characters.”

– Maddy, age 10

Themes and genre: family, multi-cultural identity, sports, girl power, friendship.

Space on Earth: Intergalactic facts about the world around you

For age  10+

By  Dr Sheila Kanani, Alma Books

“My favourite fact is that astronauts helped invent invisible braces. I wish you could buy ‘astronaut toothpaste’.”

– Ali, age 12

Themes and genre: non-fiction, science, physics, space, STEM, history, fun facts.   

Pirate Boy of Sydney Town

For age  10+

By  Jackie French, HarperCollins Children’s Books

“I liked the way it went from Sydney to the sea and into battles. It had great twists.”

– Clark, age 10

Themes and genre: historical fiction, adventure, pirates and shipwrecks, Australian fiction, Indigenous Australian characters, friendship and betrayal, freedom.

Move the Mountains: The Freedom Finders

For age 9+

By  Emily Conolan, Allen & Unwin

“I loved changing the story around and getting to know different characters. It puts you in the journey from Italy to Australia and feels really real.”

– Ella, age 11

Themes and genre: historical fiction, ‘choose your own adventure’, mystery, Australian fiction, anti-bullying, refugee characters, freedom.

The Good Thieves

For age  9+

By  Katherine Rundell, Bloomsbury

“I read this so fast, it was amazing! The more criminal elements get your heart racing.”

– Sarah, age 12

Themes and genre: action adventure, detective  mystery, family and friends, heist, mafia, greed and loyalty.     


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