Prolinx AV upgrade at Hurstville Public School

Prolinx AV worked to balance budget considerations with the desire for an effective, easy to use AV system at Hurstville Public School.

School halls are a locus of activity, regularly hosting a range of events including school assemblies and presentations, performances, community events and much more.

A well designed, easy to use audio visual system is essential in this space, and can elevate school events to a professional standard.

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Recognising a need to update the AV system in its hall, Hurstville Public School partnered with Prolinx Audio Visual. Hurstville is a K to 6 school, with close to 1200 students. Community involvement and participation are highly valued and encouraged at the school, and the hall is used regularly.

Zoran Aleksovski, Director at Prolinx AV, explained that the existing system in the Hurstville Public School hall was complicated to use, and as a result, it was under used. “Hurstville asked us to deliver a simple and easy to use system,” Mr Aleksovski said.

Prolinx AV
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In consultation with school leadership, Prolinx AV designed a user-friendly system. The team ensured disruptions to staff and students throughout the project delivery were kept to a minimum.

As with all improvement projects undertaken by schools, delivering on budget was paramount. Prolinx AV worked to balance the school’s budget while delivering a high-quality system. “To get within the school’s budget, we opted to utilise some of the school’s existing audio-visual products, while including our new hardware for a seamless, simple to use system,” Mr Aleksovski said.

Incorporating existing equipment into the AV upgrade was also a more sustainable choice, ensuring items do not go to landfill before they are past their usefulness. In the future, Hurstville Public School can upgrade other components of the AV system as necessary, and when budget allows.

“We included an RTI automation system with a touchscreen installed at the AV rack location, together with Ipad control. This enabled the customer flexibility to control the audio, video and stage lighting from anywhere within the school hall.

“We had great feedback from the Principal and staff at how simple the AV system was to use. Now, they can use the system more frequently, and they don’t have to rely on one or two tech savvy teachers to operate the system, which is quite common within schools.”

Prolinx AV has worked extensively with schools, and is an Advanced Supplier to the New South Wales Department of Education, under the Department of Education Vendor number: 100 490 170SCM0020 and SCM0256 schemes. The team pride themselves on working collaboratively with schools to ensure they receive maximum results from their new system.

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