Leading through innovation

MultiLit is committed to our mission, ‘to ensure every child learns to read’. As a leader in the field of literacy instruction, we are continuously developing programs, resources and initiatives to support this goal.

We actively respond to the latest research into how children learn, as well as the needs of our education partners and families.

Our focus on innovation and development, underpinned by quality research and evidence-based instruction, has been the cornerstone of helping thousands of children achieve success in literacy.

In this spirit of innovation, MultiLit continues to provide an ever-evolving suite of programs, tools, facilities and resources to support learners and educators.

Literacy Centres go online

Through the pandemic, our Literacy Centres underwent a significant change, moving to offer programs in a completely online teaching format. This has proven so successful that both online and in-person teaching options will continue, to meet the needs of children and families into the future.

The online one-on-one format enables our Literacy Centre team to reach students all over the country, especially in regional communities who may have previously faced challenges with access to support and expertise. www.literacycentres.multilit.com

New Brisbane Literacy Centre

Responding to this expanded offering and increased participation, MultiLit is opening a new Literacy Centre in Brisbane in September 2022. Designed to support our growing network of Queensland schools and students, the Centre demonstrates MultiLit’s commitment to our partners and students in the region, and the growing demand for quality literacy support nationally.  We welcome new students interested in our Term 3 School Holiday program, or commencing programs in Term 4, to contact us to begin the enrolment and assessment process. www.literacycentres.multilit.com

New programs and resources

As a company underpinned by an evidence and research-based approach, MultiLit is committed to ongoing innovation and development. This year, we are excited to launch several initiatives to support enhanced outcomes for learners and educators.

InitiaLit Extension will be released in August 2022. Designed for capable readers doing one of our whole-class InitiaLit programs, these resources help teachers provide tailored activities for students who would benefit from more challenging material. Teachers can learn about implementing the Extension resources through a new self-paced eLearning workshop.

The Positive Teaching and Learning Initiative offers a new series of Professional Development workshops, drawing on MultiLit’s significant experience in Positive Teaching practices. Our specialist team has designed the program to help teachers create learning environments that build successful, motivated learners, and break down barriers to engagement and participation. These workshops equip schools and teachers with evidence-based tools to teach alternative, safer and meaningful behaviours to all students, and implement successful pathways to manage challenging behaviours. www.positiveteaching.multilit.com

Accredibles have arrived! For educators and professionals taking part in our self-paced eLearning modules through the OpenLearning platform, Achievement Badges and Certificates are now available. On completion of 100% of a program, participants can download a Badge and Certificate and share them with their professional and social networks.

The Bookshop by MultiLit, launched in 2022, offers specially selected children’s books recommended by experts from our InitiaLit and PreLit programs, as well as picture books written to support our forthcoming LanguageLift program. Great for reading at home, these beautiful, quality books support language development, are aligned with school curriculum and inspire children on their reading journey. The first titles are now in stock, with 80+ more scheduled to arrive later this year. www.bookshop.multilit.com

LanguageLift is currently in the final stages of development and planned for launch in the last quarter of 2022. LanguageLift addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by early years teachers today, which is how to support the large number of children who start school with oral language difficulties. This program integrates high-quality research from speech pathology and education to explicitly teach oral language skills to small groups of children in Foundation, and Years 1 and 2. The intervention is primarily delivered through storybooks and games. These are inherently enjoyable for children, so it is a lot of fun to teach! https://multilit.com/programs/new-releases/

Our Closing the Gap Schools Partnership Initiative is a four-year program to improve reading performance and literacy outcomes in more than 40 majority indigenous schools. This continues MultiLit’s long history of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, educators and communities in urban and remote settings, including our collaboration with the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence. Please click here to find out more.

With a suite of new facilities, resources and programs being launched in 2022, MultiLit continues our commitment to leading through innovation. To find out more about these exciting developments, please visit our website www.multilit.com

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