Monday , January 22 2018


Queensland senior assessment reforms postponed

year 12 exams

The Palaszczuk Government’s major reforms to senior assessment and tertiary entrance will now begin with year 11 students in 2019. Education Minister Kate Jones made a Wednesday October 19 announcement that current year eight students would be the first to experience the new system.

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Special school achieves solar first for NSW

St Lucy's solar pool

Swimming lessons are about to get a whole lot better for the children of St Lucy’s Primary School in Wahroonga. After the installation of a brand new solar and lithium-ion battery system during the holidays, the students will now enjoy their lessons in warm water all year round.

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Book corner – wonderful reads for children and teens

Book corner – wonderful reads for children and teens

Book corner – wonderful reads for children and teens. One for the Drama club! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. Harry Potter is 19 years older, and an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

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Synthetic surfaces ideal for multi-sport schools

In synthetic fields designed for hockey, a shock-pads reduces ball bounce

The environmental impact of the water usage involved in the upkeep of grass playing fields is considerable. As awareness increases, schools are embracing synthetic surfaces as an alternative. Many schools struggle with a shortage of suitable water provision, both in quantity and quality, to establish and maintain natural turf to a useable level over time.

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Why acoustics matter for teaching and learning spaces

Innovative Learning Spaces at Ellerslie School

Children are inefficient listeners who require optimal acoustic conditions in order to hear and understand (Valentine, Halstead, McGunnigle, Dodd, Hellier, Wood & Simpson, 2002). They are neurologically undeveloped and lack experience to predict from context - especially younger students who are only starting to grasp the basics of comprehension.

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AEU ‘gives a Gonski’: the battle continues

Gonski funding science equipment

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has released an intention to continue its campaign for the full six years of Gonski funding, building on the gains made during the Federal Election campaign. Members of the union vow that 'they give a Gonski' and will fight Malcolm Turnbull’s plans to scrap Gonski after 2017.

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A new wave of drinking water options in schools

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue and poor mental function.

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue and poor mental function, and the impact of dehydration on cognition and mood is particularly relevant for children, who have poor fluid regulation. Drinking water options will help support hydration for students at school.

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