Saturday , March 28 2020
Students using design thinking skills during the Game Changer Challenge 2019. Image supplied by NSW Department of Education

Downloadable resource: designing a problem-solving methodology in the classroom

A new resource guiding innovative approaches for students is a great tool for the Game Changer Challenge too.

The Design Thinking Across the Curriculum resource is a problem-solving methodology designed for students navigating a rapidly-changing world.

Developed by the Department of Education as part of its imperative to lead innovation in teaching and learning, this resource includes a series of videos and interactive activities to approach solving complex problems.

Intended for students’ use in conjunction with teacher facilitators, it can be used across the curriculum, particularly in Years 3 to 8.

It starts by giving everyone involved in solving a problem a chance to be heard, and goes on to explore defining, ideating, prototyping and testing solutions.

Guided activities include brainstorming, analysis, critical thinking and mind mapping.

Teachers can download the resource now and see whether it will help develop valuable problem-solving skills in the classroom.

Schools can use the resource to guide their Game Changer Challenge programming for 2020.

The Game Changer Challenge opens in Term 1, with heats in four regional and two suburban centres in Term 2. Student winners will contest the state final in August, as part of NSW Education Week celebrations.

About NSW Department of Education

NSW Department of Education
This story was written by the NSW Department of Education. School News shares it with permission.

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