Yondr the complete phone-free school solution

Yondr specialises in creating phone-free schools from arrival to dismissal. Allowing students an opportunity to be mindful, present, and engaged without the ongoing distraction of mobile phones. As students enter the school, they secure their phones in Yondr’s patented lockable pouch. Students retain possession of their phone for the duration of the day removing the need for teaching staff to confiscate phones and then be liable for loss and damage.

As a mission-driven organization that has worked with schools for 10 years, we prioritize long-term success for our school partners so that they can achieve improvements in academic outcomes, student wellbeing and mental health.

Yondr is a complete phone-free solution.
We don’t just sell you a pouch.

Since 2014, we have developed rigorously tested and guaranteed products and offer unparalleled support, expertise and guidance to all of our school partners.

  • 10 years of successfully implementing in 2000 schools globally
  • Selective programs and whole school programs
  • No cheap knock offs that do not last
  • No ongoing annual fees
  • Purchase only what your school requires
  • Learn more https://www.overyondr.com/phone-free-schools

“Schools can take a concrete constructive approach to solve the question eight hours a day. What we hear from parents is that once their child starts going to a school that uses Yondr when they go home they start to see the phone migrate away from their body and it makes sense you started to break the physical impulse that’s what binds them to it.”

“We’re not going to be able to Shepherd kids through life, that’s not the point. The point is to teach them but to teach them you have to first give them the experience of being outside it enough to have perspective on what social media or the internet is doing to the way they think about their social interactions.”

Phone-free schools boosts engagement in class, here’s what is being said:


Students engaging more in class and less distractions.”
– Ceduna Area School, Australia

“Engagement, testing and credits all ahead of previous years.”
– Waitara High School, New Zealand

“Phones have as good as disappeared in classrooms, allowing students to be more focused on their learning.”
– Woodville High School, Australia

“Many of the students do note the difference in not being constantly attached to their phones and being more engaged in learning.”
– Alstonville High School, Australia

“Teachers are pleased that they no longer have to battle with mobile phones. They are able to focus on teaching and learning.”
Findon High School South Australia


“The best way to help kids develop self-regulation skills is to keep them away from distraction devices while the parts of the frontal cortex that do executive control are wiring up.”

“Gen Z is really different from the millennial generation primarily because they are much more depressed and anxious, so why is this happening? My explanation is that it was the loss of the play-based childhood which was replaced by the phone-based childhood.”

Contact Details: Ash Jackson, [email protected]
To learn more or make an enquiry: https://www.overyondr.com/contact


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