This Western Sydney School’s Lockable Display Systems make safe, secure announcements

It’s an important advancement, with more than 600 students trundling across campus each morning, so CIVIQ teamed up with Wentworthville Primary School to install three FlexiDisplay TuffLok Premium Outdoor Lockable notice boards.

A cornerstone of the Cumberland Council region, Wentworthville Primary wanted to make sure it had protected display space to present key information to staff, students and parents.

The goal was to station robust notice boards in busy areas around the school, but staff soon realised finding robust notice board was no easy feat: they needed something that could meet the dynamic nature of their school environment.

Ultimately, the school reached out to CIVIQ as the company is known for its range of Australian-made premium notice and poster display boards, engineered for indoor and outdoor applications.

CIVIQ recommended the FlexiDisplay TuffLok Lockable Noticeboard, because of its ultra-robust design with weather and vandal-resistant features.

Wentworthville Primary School Principal, Denise Lockrey, commented on the FlexiDisplay products: “The notice boards from CIVIQ are an easy and convenient method of conveying important information to staff and parents. We value knowing that our documents are safe and protected.”

The product is designed to withstand harsh weather, with marine-grade aluminium framing, concealed fixings, and corrosion-resistant finishes to ensure that dirt and water do not penetrate. It also features a shatter-proof polycarbonate window with an added vandal-resistant protective film.

It’s available in a range of custom sizes – the school selected the 1200mm height x 1800mm width configuration – allowing plenty of space for large posters and printed documents to be displayed.

Staff can also change displayed content with ease via the board’s auto gas lift door, which gently opens the door upwards and holds it in place while posters are replaced. Two key locks are mounted to the door to offer maximum security when the user is finished.

The TuffLok noticeboards are located in prominent locations within the school, including outside the office administration building and in the quadrangle.

The notice boards have been used to exhibit key information to the public including staff contact details, bell times, P&C committee information, student success stories, upcoming “fun days” and general announcements.

The TuffLok noticeboards have become a useful and highly-utilised addition to the school’s infrastructure by allowing printed information to be displayed outdoors, year-round.


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