Promethean solutions promote flexibility for schools

The Promethean State of Technology in Education Report 2021 recently revealed that interactive panels and interactive whiteboards are now Australia’s most commonly used classroom technology, with 99% of educators using them at least occasionally. And, with front-of-class solutions increasingly becoming the connected hub of the modern classroom, it’s easy to see why. 

The Promethean ActivPanel Elements Series is one such solution. Designed by teachers, for teachers, the interactive display comprehensively supports teaching and learning – and following a series of targeted product improvements and innovations, the ActivPanel now offers even greater usability, flexibility and functionality: 

  • Distance Learning Bundle

Teaching and learning in the classroom will continue to be the norm, but schools will benefit from preparedness and flexibility in the event that circumstances change unexpectedly. Promethean’s new product bundle for remote learning includes a teacher-facing webcam which connects to the teacher’s computer, and an extendable tripod for desk and floor mounting to open up new options for placement and viewing angles.

The webcam, along with its complementary tripod, can be set up quickly and easily in the classroom to capture both the teacher and the ActivPanel simultaneously. And, as the ActivPanel is compatible with popular videoconferencing solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, it is simpler than ever to accommodate remote learners. With the webcam set up, remote learners will benefit from a clear view of the classroom so that they can engage just as if they were present.

The remote learning bundle helps schools to maintain quality teaching and learning experiences no matter the situation, streamlining the transition between in-classroom, remote and hybrid learning whenever it is required.

  • ActivPanel software

With the latest ActivPanel software update, teachers can now take a self-guided tour of the interactive display right from the home screen. This simplifies ActivPanel setup, and makes it even easier for teachers to access support and training resources.

The new self-guided tour is the perfect introduction to the ActivPanel for new users, and also a great refresher course for teachers that are already familiar with the ActivPanel whenever they may need it.    

As well as providing direct support for teachers, this update means less teaching downtime for training sessions, and also frees up time and resources for the IT department which can better be used elsewhere.

  • ActivPanel hardware

To complement the software update, Promethean has also introduced additional hardware to the ActivPanel package. The ActivPanel is now supplied as standard with a single USB-C cable which provides power, data and video transfer to and from the ActivPanel.

The USB-C cable can also be used to quickly and safely charge peripheral devices straight from the interactive display, making it easier to keep classroom devices powered up and ready to use. More than ever, the ActivPanel acts as the connected hub of the modern classroom.

  • Radix partnership

Promethean’s partnership with Radix has expanded the remote device management and security necessary for remote and hybrid learning. When bringing learners into the classroom remotely, teachers can rest assured that the connection is secure and consistent – so that they can focus entirely on teaching the class.

With this set of product updates and innovations, Promethean is improving teachers’ experiences with the ActivPanel while supporting schools with tools for greater flexibility and functionality.

To learn more about getting started with the ActivPanel Elements Series, book your tailored demonstration today. Visit:

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