Make the most of your school’s budget with digital Class Sets

When you hear the phrase “class set”, it probably drudges up some interesting sensory memories. You might think of battered copies of classic books, with broken spines and bent pages – or you might remember the panic you felt upon realizing you’d forgotten your copy of whatever the assigned class read was in your locker or at home. 

Whatever you think of when you consider a conventional class set, it probably has nothing to do with a phone, or a Chromebook – or really any kind of device. 

But for educators seeking new strategies to affordably provide students access to curriculum titles, that’s exactly what digital Class Sets provide: flexible, 24/7 access to all the required reading your students need – no matter where they are, or which device they’re using – through the Sora student reading app. 

Class Sets are short-term ebook rentals that let you assign or provide a title on-demand to as many students as needed, with no minimum or maximum limit. They’re perfect for your next required or choice classroom read, book club or all-class or all-school read. 

Why choose digital Class Sets through Sora? 

Great question! Chances are your school has been subject to the same shipping delays, shortages and cost increases impacting consumers worldwide. Class Sets can help you navigate these challenges in quite a few different ways. 

Title Selection  

With Sora, schools can choose from the best catalog of ebooks and audiobooks available to schools, including top curriculum and choice reading titles across all subjects. 


Class Sets start at US $0.99 per student, per 90 days. Plus, digital titles can’t be misplaced, damaged or stolen, saving your school time and budget. 


Titles appear in your school’s digital collection within 24 hours of purchase, require no physical storage or processing and can be accessed instantly in Sora once available. 

Available on-demand  

Not sure who will need the book or when? No problem. The On-Demand Class Set option lets you allocate budget for required ebooks and audiobooks whenever they’re needed, regardless of whether or not your classes or rosters have been finalized. 

Equal access  

Class Sets can help you ensure that every student who needs one gets a copy of the book. Plus, whether your students are in school or not, they can read these titles from any device – so they can never “accidentally” forget their assigned reading! 

Interested? Learn more about Class Sets in Sora, and download our infographic. 

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