BenQ’s Smart Interactive Boards: Merging User Security, Health Focus, and Advanced Cloud Management

A global leader in display solutions, BenQ’s next generation of large-format interactive displays stands out as the first to offer full support for Google Mobile Services (GMS) while integrating world-first health-related features. This innovative combination revolutionises the user experience by providing seamless access to Google Play and other Google apps. Additionally, BenQ Board users can expect enhanced security, health-focused functionalities, and advanced cloud management capabilities.

  • Powerful BenQ collaboration tools: All BenQ Boards come with EZWrite, a feature-rich whiteboarding software designed for engaging discussions from any location. It also has InstaShare, a wireless screen-sharing solution that gives users more flexible ways to share and present from any device.
  • Hassle-free centralised management: BenQ offers directory service syncing with the BenQ Identity and Access Management (IAM) Schools that manage their user lists on services such as Google Workspace, ClassLink, Microsoft Entra ID, LDAP servers and other SAML-based providers can easily use these to limit access to their Android-based smart boards.

Streamlined Onboarding and Management

Effortless onboarding is essential for new school tech. BenQ simplifies this with two methods: scan each device’s barcode with your phone for automatic binding or bulk enroll boards via CSV file. Device and network settings can be copied through USB cloning or cloud policy pushing.

IT administrators can streamline management with BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS) and Device Management Solution (DMS). Organisations that already have existing Google accounts can easily transition to using BenQ Boards without any extra setup.

The BenQ DMS allows IT administrators to control BenQ Board settings remotely and effectively. With DMS, they can monitor device analytics, manage apps, push device updates, and configure the power settings of both individuals and groups of BenQ Boards.

Single sign-on

This is the key difference that resonates with users: BenQ is the only solution provider that integrates single sign-on and sign-off with all its interactive displays and services. Log into the device with an internal account to access Cloud storage, device and account management, and communication systems without having to log in again.

Users can scan a QR code with their smartphone for quicker login or use one-tap login with their NFC cards. Once finished meeting, simply tap again with the NFC card to log out of all open applications. Besides, every teacher receives their own secure space on the board, eliminating the risks associated with shared accounts or personal email logins.

Access security

In terms of user access, a lot of providers offering EDLA-certified boards and slot-in PCs promote ease of access, thanks to their Google integration. Anybody with a Google account would be able to access the Google Play Store and download the apps they need for their board. Unfortunately, this convenience also comes with data security and privacy risks since even unauthorized users can easily create and use their personal Google accounts to gain access.

Ideally, only IT admins should be able to install apps and modify system settings and currently, only the BenQ Board offers comprehensive user access management. With other EDLA boards, admins will have to set local access controls for each and every device. But with the free, cloud-based BenQ Account Management System (AMS), admins can easily and remotely enforce strict access controls on all their boards.

Health-focused features

BenQ Boards are the only interactive displays with a set of health-focused features aimed at prioritizing positive outcomes without compromising on healthy environments. The BenQ Board Pro is the world’s first interactive display equipped with Eyesafe Certified 2.0 screens, helping to protect users’ eyes from high-energy blue light.

The Radiance Protection Factor (RPF) scale is a crucial metric for assessing the level of blue light emissions and their potential impact on eye health. Currently, the BenQ Board Pro RP04 boasts a rating of RPF50. In this scale, higher RPF numbers signify a more significant reduction in high-energy blue light emitted by a display, translating to better eye protection. BenQ Board also features Air Quality Sensors that monitor the levels of CO2 and PM2.5 A built-in Air Ioniser also helps reduce particulate matter and enhances the overall air quality.

BenQ is one of the only solutions providers to offer a complete and subscription-free management system that helps IT admins remotely monitor and maintain their devices as well as regulate user access. And also provides an extendable 3-year warranty with a local service and training team to assist customers every step of the way.

All of these elements combined with BenQ’s intuitive teaching software and value-added features, such as NFC login and ClassroomCare® technologies that safeguard the health of students and teachers, make the BenQ Board the ideal long-term education solution.

Learn more about the latest BenQ Board RP04 and the technology:

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