Thursday , September 20 2018

Teaching Resources

High school students pilot Mars mission by sending code into space

Thanks to recent advances in science and technology, humans are closer than ever to putting boots on Mars. The University of Sydney has helped prepare budding aeronautical engineers to take up the challenge of supporting human life on Mars. As part of one of the world’s biggest computer programming competitions, Zero Robotics, Australian high school students will get to send things into space.

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Book corner – something special for all ages

Book corner – wonderful reads for children and teens

From a left-field inclusion for those teens who love quirky history to a cautionary tale about social media and fascinating menagerie of mystical creatures, these books will excite and engage your students, and spice up your school library.

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Indigenous language curriculum boosted by new Wiki site

In Noongar country, in the south-west of Western Australia

Schools all over Australia are embracing the incorporation of Indigenous languages into their curriculum. Classrooms at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School in Noongar country (now Bunbury, WA) feature “colourful pictures of people and animals with words like kaya and mooditj” and a new Wiki site is bringing that knowledge online.

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What is the future of education?

What will schools be like in the future?

Education 2025: Are educators teaching what’s needed for students to succeed in the workforce of the future? The widespread availability and rapid advances in digital technology are causing changes to work, not seen since the industrial revolution.

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